kate kate

(image via refinery29.com)

Aspirational styling from Kate Lanphear. Sheer blouse + wingtip skirt + croc vest + killer heels = out of control amazing madness. A look for me to "borrow", for sure!


meg // morningmidnight said...

it's seriously sort of embarrassing what a kate lanphear fangirl i am.

also she looks kind of alarmingly like my girlfriend if she was dressed up in fancier versions of my clothes, which is also somewhat terrifying and also makes me feel like double the creeper. HA.

Cara said...

Oh gawd. This is all kinds of amazing. I would go straight on my face if I worn those shoes. Buuut I could have lots and lots of practive hah.

Mat said...

that waistcoat is killer too, never seen on like it

meagan said...

@meg your girlfriend sounds pretty hot.