I was working at a friend's boutique grand opening, doing photos for GlitterGuts.com, and one of the attendees was the editor of a Chicago street style blog. She asked to take my photo, and I reluctantly obliged. I am a nervous, shy, awkward creature in person, and it still presses my social anxiety buttons when people compliment me in public. I dress only to please myself. So when someone else enjoys my style, I still am not sure how to respond...my anxiety prevents me from feeling flattered. AM I THE ONLY ONE.

Anyway. Outfit deets for those that care: Complex Geometries Sheet T (the most versatile piece in my closet, a must-buy), Zana Bayne belt, American Apparel mesh leggings, Ann Demeulemeester boots, and jewelry by Species by the Thousands and Marc by Marc Jacobs.


wekilledCOUTURE. said...

ohh gosh this is perfect. i love the belt!

Madeleine Louise

Mat said...

well you look ace, but i'm saying this through the internet so you should be ok to take the comment. shoes look ace too

Chicago Streetstyle Scene said...

It was the belt that really sealed the deal for me. I am buying one. Thanks for bringing Zana Bayne to my attention!