you can never tell

(complex geometries sheet t, thrifted ralph lauren belt, thrifted skirt and shoes)

PSA: Yes, I got bangs cut into my hair. No, I do not like it. Please refrain from commenting on it, as I'm going to be quite insecure about my hair until it grows out.

Yesterday I had a successful trip to the thrift store, scoring 3 things in great condition that I'd actually wear. This is perhaps the perfect maxi skirt - pure heavy cotton with side seams for structure, belt loops, high-waisted fit, and ankle-grazing length. The shoes are Aerosoles, so they are extremely comfortable, and don't appear to have ever been worn before. I was immediately in love with the minimal lacing design and the cutout just below the ankle. I appreciate the fact that some might consider them ugly...but sometimes I find beauty in rough, utilitarian things.

The complex geometries top is my birthday present from my wonderful boyfriend. It's literally a giant sheet with armholes and a neckhole. I can make around 10 different outfits with it - look for a mega-post with it soon.

This outfit is an exercise in negative space using skin. I think the bit of midriff showing adds interest to an otherwise column-like silhouette. Besides...it's 90 freaking degrees outside!

In other news, I'm rediscovering old bands that I used to listen to quite often, yet have fallen out of rotation in recent years. As the name of my blog suggests, I am a huge All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors fan. I haven't played their music much in a while, but listening to them right now reminds why I liked them so much in the first place. Highly recommended for lovers of just plain weird music.


Cara said...

Ah, that top is too clever. The possibilities!
And the shoes are perfectly ugly.

I like your tattoo.

alithea said...

what the fuck your bangs are super cute and a perfect example of what i want.


good job, boyfriend... ;)

Ross C. said...

Epitonic was my favorite website ever back when I was 14 and had a 56K modem. I'm having a similar experience with Bardo Pond and other forgotten Matador bands.

Sorry, but the bangs look great.

meagan said...

@the divinitus yes my birthday just happened to fall around the 40% off sale :)

meagan said...

@ross epitonic, more than anything else, helped me discover so many bands i never would have heard of. i credit that site highly with helping to refine my excellent taste in music.