wax and wane

(complexgeometries top, silence&noise vest worn as a skirt, zana bayne belt, boyfriend's belt, maison martin margiela shoes. click images for hi-res)

I do tend to dress rather simply. Instead of colors and prints, I focus on monochrome colors with an emphasis on shape and form. In order to keep my outfits from becoming too bland, I pay special attention to minor details. It's all about the minutia here. It's the little things that spruce up a plain outfit.

Complementary makeup. Lined, slight cat-eye eyeliner and peach lips. Also, I'm rocking a fishtail braid which unfortunately is being obscured my bitch handle. Yes, that's what those small dangling locks of hair by your ears are called.

I "borrowed" my boyfriend's belt and layered it with my Zana Bayne 3-strap belt. The mishmash effect pleases me greatly. Also, I love the holes in my complexgeometries top. Wearing this top makes me feel like a ghost.

The layered rings trend seems to have taken a life of its own, but I choose just a few statement rings for effect. The Marc by Marc Jacobs bone ring is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It's small and discreet, and likely to go unnoticed by most, but I know it's there and that's all I need. The gold band is a family heirloom - it was given to my father for his Bar Mitzvah, then he passed it on to me when I graduated high school. I never take it off, regardless of what I'm wearing.

These Maison Martin Margiela shoes were purchased for $1.00 on eBay. Yes, $1.00. As in, 100 pennies and 4 quarters. They are authentic, but were sold at this price because they need to be repaired. I almost like the torn leather stitching...but I know I should get them fixed.

 After being silently irritated that I don't have a plain black draped skirt (and too broke to buy one), I decided to improvise. I pinned a jersey vest in the proper places to obtain a skirt. No one can tell the difference. Underemployment has taught me clever ways to reinvent my existing garments. But I look forward to day when I can buy clothes again...it's been far too long.


Annie said...

what is that lipstick, meagan? it's fabulous!

PS: you are so inspiring! I want to figure out my fashion, so badly. working on it.

Inspiratiebron said...

I really really like this look! Gorgeous!

Ross C. said...

At first I thought the tear was intentional. I like it; it gives the shoes character, but I'm a man so what do I know about women's shoes.

meagan said...

@annie i made the lipstick! i used mac blush in peaches and layered some clear lip gloss over it.

thanks so much :) my best advice is to wear what YOU want and fuck the trends, seasons, haters, whatever.

meagan said...

@ross c. well martin margiela is an avant garde designer, so it's totally within the realm of possibility that the tears are intentional. however, i know they are not, and i should really get them fixed to avoid the straps becoming even more damaged.

meagan said...

@inspiratiebron thank you very much :)


i like it a lot.

MentallyStrange(: said...

Love the outfit && I love the glasses(:

Sophia & Emma said...

your nail color is gorgeous, very parisian. cool glasses as well :^)