good things come

Remember when I posted about having won a pair of Jil Sander Fall 2007 platform pumps on eBay, only to have them carelessly misplaced by the Postal Service? Well, the situation has been remedied as eBay came through for me again. I was able to snag another pair in my size. The leather upper is a dark eggplant color, and although I really wanted these in matte black, I'm looking forward to experimenting with shiny violet leather in my wardrobe. Besides, they look black in a dimly lit bar, and that's all that matters, right?

My feet are so, so happy to have these shoes, after waiting for YEARS.

In a rather fortuitous turn of events, the shoes are the EXACT same shade of purple as my everyday Chanel glasses. Matchie-matchie heaven.

I've just been happily wearing these shoes around my apartment, and every so often I gaze down lovingly at my feet, and I am convinced that I would not adore these shoes so much if I didn't have to wait so long to own them.


T.R.A. said...

Congrats! SO Happy to see your Feet so happy.

Mat said...

you got them back!what luck. new job and new shoes, yey for the good times.

i'm in the market for some new shoes actually, bored of all mine

Ross C. said...

Awesome shoes.

meagan said...

thanks all :)

lucinda said...

I actually quite like the eggplant colour, it's still dark but a bit unexpected.