sorry about the not-blogging lately

I haven't updated this blog in a couple of weeks, and there's a pretty good reason why. About three weeks ago, I unexpectedly lost my job. The photo above perfectly describes how I've been feeling about it - just completely despondant and shut-off. The recession is making finding a new job more difficult, but I am remaining confident that I will find one soon. In the meantime, I should enjoy my hobbies a bit more now that I have time to do so. And that means writing in my blog more often. Thanks for your understanding, everyone!


Mat said...

that sucks big time, i hate to hear when anyone looses their job, esp in these times. but yeah, think positive and be pro active. i should really enjoy my hobbies much more

meagan said...

thanks so much. i had no idea how difficult job loss was until it happened to me. luckily, its given me more time to do what i love.