remember death

(images via diane pernet)
Today in Jewelry Porn, handcrafted rings by Aoi Kotsuhiroi made out of human hair. Simply amazing. I love the dead, corpse-like look of these rings, almost as if the crystals were growing out of a rotting body. I also love the idea of using human hair, a material that is so laden with heavy symbolism for us. We all have strong, intimate feelings about our hair, and society has its own notions about our hair as well (see Chris Rock's documentary Good Hair). Wearing this ring would deeply connect me to the person whose hair was used to craft it - forcing me to wonder about who they were and how they lived. It's amazing how Aoi Kotsuhiroi managed to create wearable art with strong connotations of death and the futility of humanity. To me, fashion is best when it allows you to connect with an idea on an elevated, emotional level.

I would love to own one of these rings, and if I did, I'd treasure it every day.

(h/t to a shaded view on fashion)


Mat said...

these are incredible, at first look i thought it was some kind of rock or crystal for some reason.

good way of re-cycling too :)

The Fashion Seen said...

The rings are killer. I really am digging the organic shapes I've been seeing a lot of in jewelry designs...you?


meagan said...

@mat yes they are quite incredible :)

meagan said...

@the fashion seen i LOVE organic jewelry! especially when mixed with heavily angled or sharp, severe clothes. it provides such a nice contrast.