quit calling jamie bochert a transvestite

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This is Jamie Bochert.

She is a female model, with severe features and an androgynous look. She is not transgendered, a transvestite, a transsexual, a "he-she", a cross dresser, etc...

...and even if she were (for the purely hypothetical sake of  argument) WHO THE HELL CARES. It still wouldn't give people the right to hurl these insulting names at her! Every time one of her editorials is posted online, there's inevitably a bunch of douchebags who resort to calling her these names over the internet in the comments section.

 The fact that Jamie Bochert's looks are so polarizing are a testament to the fact that our society is ill-equipped to handle deviances in masculinity and femininity. We are firmly ensconced in our gender heuristics regarding what makes a man and what makes a woman a woman. I needn't discuss these gendered notions in detail because truthfully, we all know what they are. We know that society teaches us that men and women are supposed to look and act in very different ways.

Gender roles still heavily favor strength in men, and that strength pans out in may areas of life: physical, emotional, professional, etc. "Femininity" dictates that women be caring, virginal, meek, and look like pretty creatures in dresses and heels, and have tiny "delicate" facial features. Obviously Jamie Bochert does not have delicate facial features. Jamie's looks blur the lines between masculinity and femininity, and some people cannot seem to handle that.

I guess I wonder why that line needs to exist. Why must there be such a stark separation between the sexes? And more importantly, why vilify those who dare cross those lines? Masculine women are degraded, not taken seriously, and have difficulty in a world that expects them to act certain ways. FFS, look at what happened to Hillary Clinton during the election. Feminine men are subjected to all sorts of torment from society; they are called fags, automatically assumed to be gay, and are the victims of pretty horrible violence. There is no reason for this!

Sure, one might argue that biology seperates male and female. And this is true, of course. However, gender roles are purely societal constructs, enforced into us from the time that we are children. Imagine what a world without these gender roles might be like - men might feel less threatened about displaying emotions in a public manner, women would not be in a position of subjugation, and Jamie Bochert would not be such a hot topic.

I'm trying to flesh out my ideas as best as I can, but I've had a few drinks this evening. So I'll leave at this: quit calling Jamie Bochert a transvestite.


sophie said...

i agree, its really discriminating calling her a man when, quite plainly, she isn't. it's like comparing to lady gaga, who is constantly in the public eye for being a 'man'.
cool blog ;)

meagan said...

yeah, people only say those things because they are afraid of women who don't fit into the standard idea of what a woman should look like. its a shame, really.

Beth said...

She is so beautiful.

That is all I have to say.

Anonymous said...

She has really hairy arms and her body is kind of masculine, also without makeup she looks like a tranny mess so thats where the rumours started