1 skirt 5 looks

I bought this skirt at a thrift store for $1. I bought these shoes for $3, and spent another $7 having them fixed by a cobbler. Total = $11. With these two pieces, some safety pins, and a few other peripherals from my closet, I was able to create  5 daytime and nighttime looks. Click the photos for bigger versions.

Recession lesson #1: Thrift stores are your friend.
Recession lesson #2: Don't look at something for what it is, look at it for what it can be.

 (american apparel blouse, thrifted skirt, thrifted shoes)

Apparently a bit of midriff is 'in' again for spring, so here's my take on the trend. Totally channeling Sade here! If you do not know who Sade is, GTFO immediately!

 (top by AKIRA CHICAGO, deena&ozzy belt, marc by marc jacobs bracelet)

Simple but effective. I'd wear this to brunch on a patio, or strolls through the neighborhood. I will be SO BUMMED when Druid hoods aren't cool anymore.

(forever 21 waist belt)

The maxi skirt easily makes the transition to summer, just by hiking it all the way up into a tube dress.

(belt by zana bayne, bebe skirt worn underneath) 
This is totally something I'd wear to a dance party or an outing with friends. With a few safety pins, I managed to arrange the skirt's draping perfectly.

(forever21 bracelet, silence&noise jersey vest)

And lastly, I transformed my skirt into something a bit "avant-garde" (I say that with the utmost eyerolling). I wore a jersey batwing vest the wrong way and was able to achieve a strap around my neck and additional draping around my chest. 

I paid $1 for this incredibly versatile skirt. With more experimenting, I'm sure could create even more pieces with it. I'd say I got my money's worth, yes?


t said...

very cool styling!

Mat said...

i'm pretty amazed that your have created so many looks from one skirt, and plus i cost open $1!!!! you look amazing

meagan said...


thank you very much!

meagan said...


thanks!! i love owning something that is so versatile.


very versatile, so many different ways to wear it!

meagan said...

thanks :)