welcome to desert of the real

The new collection by Ann-Sofie Back makes me feel like I'm a redpill in the Matrix world. This is what I envision a race of rebel humans fighting a machine singularity in the future would wear. I'm very into cyber-apocalyptic dystopian scenarios, and this collection captured that mood perfectly. Bleak colors, androgynous silhouettes, organic textures, exaggerated tattered hems...I can just imagine dancing in this at a Zion rave.

That sweater! I adore the Rorschach-vagina-dragon-Machine print.
(all runway images via nymag.com, click here for the full collection)
When fighting Machines or post-apocalyptic mutated humanoids, it's imperative to have a supply of bullets for your AK-47s and Berettas. You can always keep an extra stash on your head! For when, you know, your badass latex catsuit has has no pockets.

If you're interested in the ideas of a technological singularity, I'd suggest reading this Wikipedia entry to start. You can also check out The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil. Very fascinating stuff.