jesus christ on a cross

Newest object of my affection...Alex & Chloe's carpenter cross necklace. Can be worn right-side-up and sacriligious-style upside-down. The last remants of my Catholic guilt are urging me to splurge on the necklace...cannot! ignore! the Catholic guilt!



Alexandra said...

I love this necklace. But my own remnants of Catholic guilt are urging me to stay away from it for the opposite reason - because it would be about fashion, and not Jesus, who I don't believe in.

I missed out on so much Madonna-aping in the 1980s because my mother was firm on the idea that religious symbols should never be fashion. On one hand, I get it, but on the other...as if fashion and religion are ever separate. Look at the history of cruciform jewellery - it's always following the trends of the time.

I wish my mother would have let me wear the Madonna cross, and put the kibosh instead on a T-shirt in the 1990s that had Buddha rising from a lotus flower across my boobs.

meagan said...

i think there's a big difference between a cross necklace and say, a crucifix. the cross is just a symbol that we ascribe a meaning to. independent of religion, the cross can be viewed as a pretty linear shape with no inherent meaning.

HOWEVER! it is impossible to separate the meaning from the symbol. this is true for the cross and any religious symbol, even the buddha!

for me, wearing this necklace would be about celebrating the fun times i spent in the catholic faith. i liked worshiping with my family and enjoying the rituals together. i may not believe in the stringent catholic dogma anymore but i cherish the memories i have with my family. that's what the cross means to me.