happy hour with coworkers

(complexgeometries top, t by alexander wang tank top, zana bayne belt, bdg jeans, jeffrey campbell shoes, chanel glasses. click photos for high-res.)

I wore this yesterday to my monthly workplace after-hours gathering with my coworkers. This was our first time arranging such an event, outside the confines of our cubicles. This month, we met up for happy hour at Trinity Bar in Lincoln Park. It's a psuedo-Irish sports bar with lots of yuppie douchebags and Cubs fans. Popped collars and Abercrombie&Fitch. Not my kind of bar at all, but I needed to make an appearance. Especially since I work from home now, so I don't get to see my coworkers very often. I wanted my coworkers to see what I wear when I'm not decked out in BIZ CAZ.

This outfit is inspired by Luke's Tattooine gear. "Waaaaah, Uncle Owen, I wanna go to the Academy too!"

Here's a photo of how I stayed warm as I treked up to Lincoln Park. Scarf worn as a hood, legwarmers over my jeans and shoes, and belt went on the ouside. I'm really into the belted coat + hood look this winter...can't go wrong with functionality. This belt was handmade by Zana Bayne in NYC, and I love it. It's my new go-to belt for, well, everything.

(h&m scarf and legwarmers, gentle fawn coat)

I work with fantastic people and I'm really lucky to have my great job. The recession has been a nighmare for many people, and I feel very blessed that I have a steady job that I'm good at. Also, working from home in my pajamas is the fucking tits.


Anjali said...

Are those the BDG ankle cigarettes? I bought them in grey and they were snug, ordered them online in black in the same size, and they are baggy! Arrrghhh.

meagan said...

yes they are! i did notice that black ones seemed to sized down, so i got one size smaller and they fit perfect. just clean them inside-out because the black dye fades away faster than a washed-up child actor.

Denise said...

you look like fresh from the runway. I love the baggy white dress and the boots. If i spot you on the street id stop you to take a photo of your outfit. This is really great. It's simple but your choice of cuts and accessories like that belt makes the outfit so interesting. Am inspired.

I am Denise Katipunera

meagan said...

wow thanks! nice to meet you denise. thanks for the lovely comment.