2/3/10: Rad by Rad Hourani

I got an email a couple of weeks ago informing me that the webshop for Rad by Rad Hourani was now open for business. Rad Hourani is a fashion designer that I've been following for a while, privately lusting for his beautifully draped monochrome clothes...priced far beyond what my meager paychecks could ever afford. Rad by Rad Hourani is his diffusion line, putting his designs firmly within price reach of a more general populace. The designs are all one size and unisex. Many of his designs are meant to be worn in several ways which offers more bang for your buck! I just recently got a huge promotion at work (!!!), so I suspect I shall be buying one of his items very soon as a present to myself!

Here's a few more items from his webshop, and a link to the site is here.

Scarf, which can also be worn as a top.

Rib knit multifunctional scarf/vest.

Scarf/vest/top/cape/ skirt thing? Probably my favorite piece, and the one I'll buy. The jersey cotton portion around the models' necks also functions as a skirt, with the knitted portion becoming a top. I like the idea of a vest that I can also wear as a skirt.


tphg said...

Well sure, any shirt can be worn as a scarf if you don't put your arms through the sleeve holes. ;)

(I'm only bitter because I can't afford $300+ for a shirt...even if it is multifunctional.)

meagan said...

Hmmm,I suppose so, though I've never attempted it?...Maybe my next post shall be about repurposing?

I just got a promotion at work, and I've work very hard for it, so I'm splurging a bit :)

tphg said...

Congratulations on the promotion! I definitely think it's important to treat yourself once in a while to things you wouldn't usually buy. My problem is that I have a tendency to find unworthy reasons to reward myself, like getting out of bed before noon.

meagan said...

Thanks :) Yes, it is very important to reward yourself if you have the means and a good reason to do so!